A few of Kounty Kreations Cuties

A few of Kounty Kreations Cuties
Here are just a few of the wonderful kreations that Kountry Kreations offers !!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Well it flooded our little town again

It started raining again yesterday and woke me several times during the night raining so hard. When my hubby left for work he soon returned home as the road was covered with water. My son finally made it home from work about 3 hours after he got off work. I made it all the way to the local Rite-Aides and when I phoned one of the deputies he told me there was no way I could get to the 911 Center. So nothing left to do but head back home. I pray that the ones in the flooded areas are OK and didn't have a lot of loss. Some that I know have been threw so much when it comes to the floods of our little town. Now it is snowing again ... and the temps are suppose to drop very low again. I guess it is one of the old fashion winters. The picture above is my Aunts house my heart and undying love goes out to her and all that have to deal with this once again.

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